Not your average software company

About BusinessLink

BusinessLink is an IT company from the Netherlands that was founded 23 years ago. We specialize in creating custom software for SMEs, large companies, and institutions.

Our mission

BusinessLink always works in the best interest of our stakeholders. We firmly believe that everything is better when people work together. That includes clients, team members, suppliers, shareholders, and the government.

We are “Not Your Average Software Company”

With BusinessLink, you won’t be bothered by aggressive sales reps. Instead we have friendly and down-to-earth consultants listening to your needs and explain everything we can do for you as your software supplier. We just provide you with our best services and let our work speak for itself.

This is what we do:

We create innovative solutions for businesses in any industry. We handle everything from maintaining existing systems to converting software and databases to implementing standard business applications. We’ll also build interfaces and breathe new life into older software.

We enjoy what we do and take great pride in helping your business. No matter how small or large the issue, we want to play a role in helping you.

BusinessLink employees are experts in practically all modern software development tools. Also, since our team members work remotely, we can service businesses in the Netherlands and throughout the world.

BusinessLink is happy to welcome you as our new customer.

If you are in need for a good software developer, try us: you won’t regret it!

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Tel: +31 (0)70 – 370 2118